About Shawn Kerr – AKA: Resident Anthropologist

I love to think and I love ideas.  I’m not particularly keen on writing all of the time (although on rare occasions I delve in and feel like I could write for hours).  Most of the time I feel like this little quip I gave my mother describes writing best: The monotonous click clack of the keys drones into your brain and turns you into a dull nothingness.  But writing, for me, isn’t about the writing.  It’s about the ideas.  It’s not the words or the semantics which make writing so great, but it’s the ideas that we can so clearly and precisely convey through writing that makes writing so great.

This blog is a collection of writing that I do.  I write to spread ideas, challenge notions, and to engage others.  One of my favorite sayings is that gratitude which goes unexpressed is gratitude that might as well never have existed (or perhaps that’s something I just made up just now and think it’s some sort of saying… I’m gonna stick with it either way).  In the same way as gratitude, ideas that go unexpressed might as well never have existed.  So this is where I bring ideas to life through the great and powerful word.


One comment on “About Shawn Kerr – AKA: Resident Anthropologist

  1. Hello! I’ve found your blog to be thought provoking, so I’ve nominated you for a Sunshine Bloggers Award. http://goo.gl/Aly0A Looking forward to seeing what you write next!

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