Why the Xbox One might be the Superior Console – Just Maybe

The Xbox One has gotten a lot of flack from consumers lately – and rightly so.  They’re implementing DRM for all of their games, they’re severely limiting trading/selling/buying used games, you’ll need to connect to the internet at least once every 24 hours, the Kinect will constantly be watching and listening to you (although they say you can shut it down), they’ve said nothing about indie game support other than they’re going to do it, etc., etc.  All in all, the Xbox One has been pretty much shit on, thrown around, and made into a huge joke (even Sony got in on it by making a joke video about how to share games).  However, some gamers have been losing focus. What we perceive in our minds as a bad thing might actually be a good thing (that whole selective biases thing kind of gets in the way).  As such I’m going to lay out for you why all of these things are not so bad for consumers (of which some of the reasons can be found via Ben Kuchera’s article on the Penny-Arcade Report).
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