2013 – A New Year For Games

To kick off the new year I’m going to post about the upcoming game release schedule for 2013.  I have come up with a list of titles that are supposed to be released in 2013, however not all of them have a set date (some of them are just schedule for “late 2013”).  The games that are coming out in 2013 are kind of disappointing – all most likely due to the fact that the Playstation 4 and the “XBox 720” are most likely going to release in the Fall of this year.  I’m going to talk about what games I’m anticipating and what this might mean for games in general.

The biggest release months, thus far, are February and March.  February has Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance, BioShock Infinite, Dead Space 3, and Crysis 3 scheduled for release.  March has Tomb Raider, Gears of War Judgement, and Grand Theft Auto V on the horizon.  Among other games that are scheduled for release throughout 2013 are: DMC Devil May Cry (Jan.), Dead Island Riptide (April), Deadpool, Fallout 4 (maybe), Saints Row 4 (maybe), Homefront 2 (maybe), and Battlefield 4 (maybe).  All of the games that have maybe next to them are set to be released but a month hasn’t been confirmed yet.

If you look at my list above there’s a very strange thing going on – Not one of those games are new Intellectual Properties (IP’s).  All of them are part of existing intellectual properties in the video game world.  Are there any new IP’s coming out in 2013?  Yes – There is DARK for the XBox 360 and The Last of Us for PS3, XBox 360, and PC.  However, this is pretty bleak.  2012 didn’t see much in terms of new IP’s and it looks like 2013 isn’t going to be much better.  (I should note that I’m super excited for The Last of Us though – a new Naughty Dog title will always excite me).

What does this say about Video games though?  Well, the first thing that strikes me is that it’s a little sad on the developer end.  I’m not saying that these titles will be bad nor that I won’t buy any of them.  But rather than create new and interesting IP’s developers are sticking with what has made money in the past and what will sell.  This means that big developers are only delivering AAA titles that have to do with existing IP’s and have made money in the past (Homefront 2, I think, being an exception seeing as most people were extremely disappointed with it).

I will say that I somewhat understand.  The new generation of consoles are going to be released at the end of 2013 and starting a new IP on a console that is going to be phased out at the end of the year isn’t exactly the smartest thing to do.  So maybe they’re saving all of the amazing new IP’s to be announced after they announce the release of the new generation of consoles.  I can only hope.

However, I am optimistic.  I’m super excited about what this means for Indie Developers.  With a lack of new IP’s from big developers and most 2013 releases being an extension of existing IP’s, gamers looking for new and fresh games will likely start turning towards Indie Games and Indie Developers.  Games like FEZ, Super Meat Boy, BRAID, and Journey showed us that Indie Developers can create powerful and amazing games for us to sink our teeth into.  Hopefully in 2013 Indie Developers will begin to get even more recognition and gamers will start embracing powerful story line with fantastic game play over rehashed AAA titles.

Happy New Year and let’s hope that this will be an even grander year for Indie Developers!

Your Resident Anthropologist


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