Happiness and Passion – Doing the Things You Love

I’ve been somewhat estranged from what I originally meant this blog to be lately.  The Miracle of Mindfulness and Conventions was a post that wasn’t really related to the Geek/Nerd community except in its loose connection to conventions.  But more so, the post was about being happy and how we can take the unique experiences that we have as Geeks and Nerds and apply it to being happy.

Today I want to talk about a TEDx Video that I saw – “How To Find And Do Work You Love” by Scott Dinsmore.  A little background – Scott Dinsmore worked for a Fortune 500 company attempting to build his resume.  He quickly realized that he hated his job and decided to quit.  After quitting he became a “self-expert”, an expert of himself, and he read.  He then started Live Your Legend. He then networked and talked with as many people as he could and made a dream of his come true – he did a TED Talk.

This whole idea of Living Your Legend is about finding what you are passionate about and finding the work that you “can NOT do.”  When I hear this phrase I’m reminded of so many people that I have met through Steampunk and Conventions.  Silversark Clothier, Eric Larson (AKA Lord Bobbins of TeslaCon), Joseph CR Vourteque of Steampunk Chicago, Corvus Elroy (creator of Bhaloidam), and many others.  I admire these people for doing the work that they love and for pursuing it so passionately.

What I have learned from all this is that there are so many people out there who are completely unhappy with the job they’re doing.  A lot of what I’ve read recently and have watched on intellectual channels such as TED is that people, in order to be happy, should be doing work that they no only have passion for, but gives them purpose.  Work you love is not only work that you are passionate about, but when you’re done at the end of the day – tired and exhausted – you know that you’ve made a difference somewhere that you want to make.

I think that this ultimately holds true and that we should be trying to make our own dreams come true by pursuing the work that we not only love but by pursuing the work that gives us purpose.

Comment and let me know – if you could quit your job and do anything that you wanted to do, what would it be?


Your Resident (not really) Anthropologist

Note:  This got accidentally published (I’m not entirely sure how).  When it was published it was unfinished and I was somewhat embarrassed, but people liked my post despite the fact that it ended in mid-sentence so I decided that I had to finish the post.  I’m glad that I finished it.  I’m changing up the website and might be getting a new theme (might even purchase one!).


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