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rumirumirumirumi (on Tumblr) asked me a couple of questions about my blog post Female Gamers: Doing More for our Gaming Community than any Misogynist Could Ever Hope.  The main question that he raised was how the power of men in the gaming community is panpotic.  I defined panoptic power in my article (it’s at the end of the post) as such:

Panoptic power is defined by Foucault in Discipline and Punish as power which is inescapable, pervasive everywhere in everyday life, and actively works to change the mindset and view that people hold of themselves, others, and the society that they live within.

He has inspired me to do an article which explains why I think this power is panoptic.  I started writing the article today and was planning on publishing the article this coming Friday.  However, I quickly realized just how large an undertaking this is (I’m betting that you could make a Master’s Thesis out of the topic).  So I decided that I’m going to release this article in parts.  I’m planning on releasing it in 4 or 5 parts (I haven’t decided yet).  Each part will further the article and the argument and will break up the post so that it isn’t too overwhelming.

I will also be releasing two versions of each article.  One is going to be a highly technical version which will invariably end up using a bunch of philosophy and anthropology jargon.  The other one will be a less technical version for those who aren’t well versed in the jargon of philosophy or anthropology and those who don’t want to read a philosophy paper. I’m hoping that by doing this people will be able to read the article, get the full force of my message without having to look up words every other sentence, and the article will reach a wider audience.

I’ve decided that the first part will go up on Monday and I will release a new part each Monday after that.  There will be other posts throughout the week so keep looking for new posts.

As for this Friday, I will be revisiting the Misandry in Video Games series that is being started by IndieGoGo.  My initial thoughts on the project were somewhat misguided (due to some anger on the whole subject), but there are some serious criticisms that need to happen about this being produced and the things that they are doing with the project.  (I still really hope that this doesn’t reach funding, but my reasoning is much more solid this time around).

– Your Resident (not really) Anthropologist


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